I’m Larissa, a Master of Science Candidate in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. I’m also a science communicator, an outdoor enthusiast, and a mental health advocate.

My research passion is to understand how the habitats of our most vulnerable species may be impacted by climate change in the future. Understanding how these species may be impacted will help us to better ensure their continued survival.

This website is dedicated to increasing transparency about my work and science in general. I also hope to bring you along on some of my outdoor adventures, in hopes that you start to see nature the way that I do – worth protecting.

Learn more about my research skills and certifications, as well as the studies that I have undertaken so far.

I believe there is a disconnect between the scientific community and the general public that stems, primarily, from a lack of communication. I hope to help bridge this disconnect by being transparent about my work. Here, learn about my SciComm training and experience, as well as some of my favourite resources to learn about the environment and climate change.

The purpose of my blog is to both increase awareness about environmental issues, with an emphasis on the impacts of climate change, and to share photos and stories of my outdoor adventures.

To reconnect with nature is key if we want to save the planet.” – Dr. Jane Goodall